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.....the charm of the train station. The hub of travel activity prior to jet travel. Many of these grand stations are still a symbol of that era. Whenever you visit a city, check and get the details about the train station. Many of them have been converted into tourist destinations or are still train stations is worth checking out.

Grand Central Terminal -
New York City. The revitalized Grand Central. It combines the romance of train travel, the history of a magnificent terminal building from a bygone time, a destination for superb restaurants, and convenience of outstanding retail shops. It's unlike any other New York attraction right in the heart of midtown. The MTA network links the diverse parts of New York, enabling residents and visitors to get where they want to go swiftly and at reasonable cost. MTA services offer the region efficient, environmentally sound travel alternatives to gridlocked streets and highways. And the mobility provided by the MTA helps ensure New York's place as a world center of finance, commerce, culture, and entertainment.
Kansas City Union Station -
Union Station, perhaps Kansas City's most cherished edifice. Symbol of the City.
Los Angeles Union Station -
Union Station - The Los Angeles Rail Transit Home Page. Union Station, built in 1939, is considered to be "The last of America's great rail stations." Located in Downtown Los Angeles on 800 N. Alameda St., between the Santa Ana Freeway (US 101) and Cesar E. Chavez Avenue (Formerly Macy St.), this was, is and will be the home of Los Angeles transportation - past, present and future.
Los Angeles Union Station -
Union Station was built by the Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, and Santa Fe railroads. Costing $11 million, it opened in 1939, the last of the great stations in America.
Nashville Union Station -
Nashville, Tennessee. The passenger train station for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad (L&N RR). This historic depot is a favorite of train buffs. Southern artist George B. Kirchner hand-colored the original black and white antique lithograph print of Union Station.
Saint Louis Union Station -
Saint Louis Union Station is a National Historic Landmark with the expansive 11.5 acre trainshed features a hotel, a unique marketplace of shops, assortment of fine restaurants and cafes, live entertainment and a lake with boats.
Texas Railroad Stations -
San Antonio -- Denison -- Ft. Stockton -- Ft. Worth -- La Grange -- Marshall.
Washington, D.C. Union Station -
For many years, Union Station has welcomed people to the most important city in the world. This magnificent building has even played host to Presidents and countless foreign dignitaries. However, what may be most impressive is the fact that Union Station's marble floors echo with the footsteps of over 23.4 million people each year, making it the most visited site in all of Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C. Union Station -
Washington, D.C.'s Union Station was built jointly by the Pennsylvania (PRR) and Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroads on an area of swampland near the U.S. Capitol Building. The station, designed by architect Daniel Burnham, opened with the arrival of a B&O Railroad passenger train from Pittsburgh on October 27, 1907.
Worcester, Massachusetts Union Station -
Beautiful lithograph of watercolor painting. Historic Union Station located in Worcester Massachusetts, opened in 1911.

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