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A blast to the past. There are still over 500 operating drive-ins in the U.S. with over 900 screens. A family of four will pay much less going to a drive-in than a walk-in theater ...and then there is all of those teenagers.

Drive-In Theaters -
This web site is dedicated to all the people who enjoy attending Drive-In Theaters across America. Also to the Drive-In owners who still operate every year, bringing enjoyment to thousands. So let down the top on the old Chevy and take a cyber trip to the drive-in.
Drive-In Movies -
The Focalpoint for Drive-ins on the Internet. The Guide to Drive-in Movie Theatres. Take a ticket and come on in. Drive-Ins through-out the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.
Drive-In Trader -
Welcome to the "Drive-In Trader" website. This website was created to enable Drive-In Theatre fans and collectors a way to trade and sell Drive-In items to other Drive-In collectors.
Drive-Ins -
The definitive resource for Drive-In Information. Translation for 5 languages.
Drive-On-In -
Welcome to Drive-On-In. Have you noticed that drive-ins are experiencing a revival. A number of drive-ins are re-opening for business, and new ones are even being built from scratch. Drive-in sub-culture is thriving these days. Because of their nostalgic appeal, drive-ins offer a refreshingly unique alternative to cineplexes and other forms of today's commercialized entertainment. Drive-ins appeal to young and old alike especially families all looking for good value for their entertainment dollar.
99W Drive-In Theater -
Newberg, Oregon. Only 23 miles west of Portland. The 99W Drive-in theatre opened in August 1953 with "Sea Devils" and "Under the Sahara" as the first features to be played there. The theatre was built by my Grandfather, J.T. (Ted) Francis who, at 98 years old, worked 6 nights a week at the Cameo theatre until a few weeks before his death in 1999. The Cameo is a nice single screen cement poured movie house built in 1937 located in downtown Newberg. Open every night of the week.
Astounding B Monster -
The Internet's coolest Cult-Movie Resource.
Bad Fads Museum -
The first drive-in movie was shown in the driveway of Richard Hollingshead's Camden, New Jersey home. Hollingshead sat in his car while his 16 millimeter projector displayed a movie on a screen he projected.
Bengies Drive-In -
Baltimore, Maryland. The Bengies Drive-In Theatre features the BIGGEST movie theatre screen on the entire East Coast (measuring 52 feet high and 120 feet wide). The Bengies Drive-In Theatre also features TriPPPle features almost every Friday and Saturday night, cartoons, vintage trailers and intermissions clips, in-car heaters and dusk till dawn shows. Please note that a radio is required to listen to the movies and you'll be glad you have one because our state-of-the-art FM broadcast system will impress you. AM broadcast is provided as well for your convenience.
Brazos Drive-In -
Granbury, Texas. Welcome to the Brazos Drive-In Show Information. Click
here for Movie Info, Showtime, and Price.
Car Stars of Film and Television -
a.k.a., 'The real reason to bother watching that show!'
Film Threat -
Film Threat - Hollywood's Indie Voice .....reliable sources of reviews and Hollywood inside dirt out there.
Internet Movie Database -
Just what the title says -- information on just about every movie ever made.
J S Dietz Movie Posters -
For my past clients and for first time visitors to this web site, let me say a few words about myself. I am a long time vintage poster dealer and my speciality is movie posters and in recent years, French posters (movie posters, publicity posters, jazz posters, fashion posters, war posters, etc).
Joe Bob Report
The man, the myth, the patron saint of drive-in movie culture himself: Joe Bob Briggs.
Movie Cliches List -
"When you enjoy something, you must never let logic get too much in the way. Like the villains in all the James Bond movies. Whenever Bond breaks into the complex: 'Ah, Mr. Bond, welcome, come in. Let me show you my entire evil plan and then put you in a death machine that doesn't work." -- Jerry Seinfeld, "Sein Language"
Movie Reviews -
Roger Ebert .....
Oh, the Humanity -
Dedicated to the all-time worst movies ever witnessed by human eyes.
Roadside Peek -
An online encyclopedia of Route 66, roadside icons, mid-century Googie architecture, bowling alleys, diners and yes, drive-in movie theatres.
Starlight Six Drive-In Theatres -
Atlanta, Georgia. Now playing and special events. Built in 1949.
Transit Drive-In Theater -
Locate 20 miles north of Buffalo in Lockport, New York. For information call 716.625.8535.

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