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Air Ambulance Network -
English - Spanish - French - German. A privately held corporation, providing a full-time, in-house staff of Flight and Medical Coordinators dedicated to ensuring that the highest standard in medical air transport is provided to our patients.
Air Resources Laboratory -
The Air Resources Laboratory, conducts research on processes that relate to air quality and climate, concentrating on the transport, dispersion, transformation, and removal of trace gases and aerosols, their climatic and ecological influences, and exchange between the atmosphere and biological and non-biological surfaces. The time frame of interest ranges from minutes and hours to that of the global climate. Research in all of these areas involves physical and numerical studies, leading to the development of air quality simulation models. ARL provides scientific and technical advice to elements of NOAA and other Government agencies on atmospheric science, environmental problems, emergency assistance, and climate change.
American Institute for Preventive Medicine -
This for-profit company publishes materials to teach consumers how to make wiser healthcare decisions. Call 800.345.2476.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -
Offers information on immunizations, disease outbreaks and geographic health recommendations. Sponsors the CDC Travelers Hotline. Call 888.232.3228 or 404.639.8100.
Health -
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Healthy Flying -
...with information about safe airline travel, computer health, detoxification, airline passenger activism, writing, fear of flying and more...
Hope Pharmaceuticals -
Do not let the discomfort of motion sickness disrupt your travel plans. Motion sickness can be prevented. Herbal remedies and over-the-counter products can help treat mild discomfort; however, prescription strength medicine may be needed by persons who tend to develop nausea and vomiting.
Immunization Profile Select Form -
WHO Vaccine Preventable Diseases Monitoring System.
International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers -
This not-for-profit organization offers information on health risks and immunizations, as well as a directory of travel clinics and English-speaking physicians in 125 countries. Call 519.836.0102 or 716.754.4883. Email
International Society of Travel Medicine -
This organization of 1,200 health professionals offers travelers free access to information about worldwide health issues and travel clinics. Call 770.736.7060.
International SOS -
For a $55 per-person fee covering fourteen days of travel, International SOS coordinates emergence care for overseas travelers. Corporate rates vary. Call 800.523.8930.
Medicine Planet -
The premier health resource for travelers. Risks & Diseases .. Travel Clinics .. News .. Articles .. Tools .. Products .. Insurance. Includes Women's Travel Center - Children's Travel Center - Senior's Travel Center - Adventure Travel Center.
Med Jet Assistance -
MEDJET ASSISTANCE is a membership program for people who travel for business or pleasure, in the United States or abroad. As a MEDJET member, if you become ill or are injured and are hospitalized anywhere in the world, MEDJET will fly you to your home hospital (or to the hospital of your choice) in a medically equipped and staffed jet. No travel insurance program or platinum card benefit guarantees this level of service. Just $175 per year for individuals, $275 for families.
Motion Sickness -
Motion Sickness - Prevent It and Enjoy Your Travel. When you seek relief from motion sickness, doctors can prescribe SCOPACE for travel comfort.
No Jet Lag -
Jet Lag - what is jet lag, who gets jet lag, reducing jet lag with No-Jet-Lag.
Passport Health -
First Class Medical Care for Travel Anywhere.
Pfizer -
Pfizer, Inc. is a research-based pharmaceutical company with global operations. Life is our life's work.
Sonata Zaleplon Capsules -
Some nights, sleep is the most elusive thing on earth. No matter how hard you try, you can't capture it. Now you can capture the sleep you need when you need it with Sonata (Zaleplon), a prescription sleep aid that lets you choose when to take it.
Travel Health -
The premier health resource for travelers.
Travel Health Online -
The trusted resource of travel medicine practitioners around the globe, created Travel Health Online to help you on your way to a safe, healthy adventure.
Traveler's Health -
National Center for Infectious Diseases.
Traveling Fit -
Where to work out on the road ...a guide to full-service health clubs open to visitors.
World Health Organization -
General world health information including Traveller's health.
World Pass for Fitness -
Never Pay Guest Fees Again. The only pass that allows you to use thousands of health clubs worldwide for one low annual fee. Now you can be treated as a VIP guest at some of the worlds finest health clubs, on your next trip for business or pleasure. Members can receive free guest passes, trial membership, as well as discounts upon joining their local affiliated health club.

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