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A Dog Net -
Welcome to A Dog Owner's Network. Dedicated to the improvement of dogs everywhere through the free exchange of information. ADOGNET Index, World's largest all-breed directory and store: descriptions, breeders, books, chat and much more.
Digital Dog -
Dedicated to teaching everyone about "The Dog Within Us." Digital Dog should be able to answer just about any questions that have regarding DOGS. Just click on Ask Digital Dog.
Acme Pet -
Many helpful and informative pages.
Acmepet Cards -
Any Occasion - Sympathy - Get Well - Apology - Holiday - Birthday - Thank You - Love.
Advantage - No Fleas -
Bayer Flea Control for Cats and Dogs.
All Pets -
We've marked the territory. Petflicks -- Magazine -- Community -- Petcyclopedia -- Petsmarket.
Altvetmed -
Information on Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Veterinary Medicine.
American Boarding Kennels Association -
ABKA is the non-profit trade association for the pet boarding industry in the United States and around the world. ABKA members offer a variety of services including pet boarding, grooming, training, transportation, shipping, pet supplies, day care and food sales. ABKA kennels treat your dog, cat or exotic pet with professional care and knowledge. ABKA offers information, publications, education and facility accreditation.
American Kennel Club -
Dedicated to Purebred Dogs and Responsible Dog Ownership since 1884.
American Veterinary Medical Association -
The American Veterinary Medical Association Online. Care for Animals.
Animal Hospital -
The Premier Place for your Pet's Health.
Arcata Pet -
Pet essentials at discount prices. Links to other pet-related sites and pet software programs.
Avianvet -
Your source for current information on all aspects of pet bird care.
Avma Care for Pets -
The American Veterinary Medical Association. Care for Animals.
Charlee Bear Dog Treats -
Nutritious and delicious dog treats. Great for training or just for fun. These unique little dog treats are very popular.
Delta Society -
Celebrating Companion Animals - and the Ways They Enrich Our Lives.
Disabled Pet Adoption Network -
What is this site for and why was it created - First and foremost, it is meant to help all types of animals with disabilities find caring homes.
Dog -
"Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later." - Mary Bly.
Dog Breed Database
Two hundred-twenty breeds of dogs posted with pictures and descriptions, five hundred plus dog breeder listings from around the world, kennel clubs, dog supplies, dog books, show calendar, dog chatroom, message boards. Dog care, costs, first aid and grooming among the topics discussed.
Dog Chow -
Purina Dog Chow. Products. Special Promotions. Incredible Dog Events. Nutrition & Health. Breed Selector. Your Dog's Home Page. Caring for your Dog.
Dog Friendly -
U.S. Travel Guide for Dogs of ALL Sizes.
Dr. Jim's Virtual Veterinary Clinic -
Ask Dr. Jim Humphries .....this page is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of your veterinarian. It is a good starting point for questions pertaining to your pet.
Dr's. Foster & Smith -
Order your pet products online from the world's most trusted name for pet supplies. Thousands of quality, value-priced dog and cat products selected by our veterinarians - in stock and ready for immediate delivery.
Farnam Pet Care Center - Fleas STOP Here -
More places for Pet Lovers. Everything you've been itching to know about fleas.
Fish Link Central -
The Internet's Largest Collection of Fish Web Sites.
Freshwater Fish -
Frequently asked questions with answers and links to related pages.
Good Dog School -
Great web site. Plenty of helpful links.
Healthy Pet -
....your link for healthy pets. We are the American Animal Hospital Association, an organization of more than 17,000 veterinary care providers committed to giving you excellence in small animal care. You can count on AAHA for accurate, up-to-date, and entertaining information. We know your pet is an important member of your family. We will help you make the most of the relationship between you and your pet.
How to Talk Dog -
By Stanley Coren.
I Love Dogs -
I Love Dogs - The Place for Dog Lovers.
Invisible Fencing Pet Site -
Where responsible pet owners gather for information and fun. And where you can find the best-kept pet secrets on the Web.
Man's Best Friend -
Use your BACK BUTTON to return to this page.
Milk Bone -
Can you ever love your dog too much.
National Animal Interest Alliance -
An association of business, agricultural, scientific, and recreational interest formed to protect and promote humane practices and relationships between people and animals.
Sentinel Pet advances in Health of your Pet.
Pet Center -
Courtesy of SNAP.
Pet Channel -
The Complete Online Resource for Pet Owners and Lovers.
Pet Expo -
Thousands of pet items at discounted or wholesale prices, this Web site is a good find.
Pet Food Express -
At, we make it easy to shop for your pets, browse our rich pet encyclopedias (written by our expert staffers), join our active online community via our web boards and mailing lists, and much more. In short, the Pet Food Express Web site is the most useful, friendly destination for pet lovers on the Internet.
Pet Health Center -
Courtesy of America's Health Network.
Pet Insurance -
Do you need the reassurance of pet insurance. Take a few minutes and look around -- you'll soon realize that Veterinary Pet Insurance can save your pet from unnecessary suffering and you from the high cost of quality veterinary care.
Petopia -
For pet supplies, PETCO is where the pets go.
Pet Planet -
....anything in the world for your pet.
Pet Station -
All about animals of every shape and size.
Pet Vacations -
Accommodations .. Travel Tips .. Travel Tales .. Pet Clinics & Vets .. What's New.
Pets -
Dogs - Cats - Fish - Birds - Small Pets - Ferrets - Reptiles.
....where pets are family.
Pets On The Go -
Specializes in all aspects of pet travel. We provide a wide variety of resources so that you don't have to leave your pet at home again when going on vacation.
Pets Welcome -
It's a pet friendly universe out there ....the internet's largest pet / travel resource. Click on our Listings page for over 25,000 hotels, B&B's, ski resorts, campgrounds, and beaches that are pet-friendly. Check out our Travel Info section to learn how to take your pet anywhere.
Pfizer Inc - Animal Health -
Click on Pets & Livestock.
Poop -
.....every dog and its owner can have its day.
Puppy Cam -
The online pete adoption network. Pet lovers can view real-time footage of puppies around the country.
Purina Dog Chow -
Your Guide To Incredible Dogs.
Purina Pet Care Center -
Wonderful pet site. Requires a plug-in.
Samsonite - Designer Products -
The Ideal Travel Solution for Small Pets.
Take Your Pet -
Pet Friendly Lodging Directory and Travel Resources.
The Tame Beast -
The internet directory of pet resources.
Travel Dog -
Our mission is to help owners and dogs get the most out of their relationships.
Travel In Style -
Locate a swanky resort for your pets while you travel to distant lands to view animal life on a The Pet Project-recommended tour.
Travel With Your Pet -
Many helpful and informative pages.
Traveling Dog -
Our company has been in existence since October 1992 and is a family owned business. We started out as Pet Addicts and over the years became involved in showing and rescue of dogs. Through showing of the dogs and trying many products I personally found, use and feel confident these are safe & healthy products for my pets and yours.
Veterinary Centers of America -
Family Pet Magazine. Care for the Heart of your Family.
West Australian Working Sheep Dog Association -
Many helpful and informative pages.
Westminster Kennel Club -
....the show started in 1876. It now includes all types of registered American Kennel club dogs. Go to show history for additional information. Ticket and entry information is available.

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