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American Birding Association -
American Birding Association is North America's largest membership organization for active birders providing leadership to field birders by increasing their knowledge, skills, and enjoyment of birding, and by contributing to bird conservation .....we're about birds, birding, birders.
American Bird Center -
Welcome to the American Bird Center. Helpful and Informative LINKS.
Birding Organizations -
There are literally thousands of Birding Organizations around the world! Some organizations cater to local birders -- in every corner of the globe. Other organizations draw together scientists working on taxonomic issues. Many global organizations work to preserve the habitat needed for the birds' survival. In many cases, an organization's members are actively involved in all three -- birding, scientific research and conservation!
National Wildlife Federation -
In-Depth Resources.
World Bird Guide -
Welcome to the Mangoverde World Bird Guide. It is an all volunteer project to create a freely accessible multimedia field guide to all of the world's bird species. The main goal of this site is to educate others about birds so that they will want to protect them and their habitats
World Bird Center - Texas -
The World Birding Center. One of the most spectacular convergences of birds on Earth. Let your imagination FLY !
Audubon Online -
The mission of the National Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity. Founded in 1905, the National Audubon Society is named for John James Audubon (1785-1851), famed ornithologist, explorer, and wildlife artist.
Bird Watcher's Digest -
Leading bird watchers for many years.
Bird Watching
Bird watching - the art of finding joy on the wing, in a flash of color, the sound of song. Bird watching - the wonder of a mockingbird's repertoire, the tern's diving, the hummingbird's hover. Bird watching - the love of the search, the thrill of the sighting, the satisfaction of success .. Glenda Poulter .
Bird Watching -
Your lifetime ticket to the theater of nature .......
Bird Watching -
The best bird watching sites for kids, teachers and families. At our house, you will frequently hear shouts of "We have a customer!", meaning either a hummingbird at the nectar feeder or birds at the hanging seed tube. The wild birds have become so much a part of our family, that sometimes the kids will mention them (and the wild bunnies) when asked "Do you have any pets?" Bird watching is the second fastest growing hobby in America, bested only by gardening. Come discover why.
Bird Watching - African Bird Watching Safaris Birding Tours -
Peter Ginn Birding Safaris pride themselves on arranging tailor made, personalised tours for individuals, couples and groups of up to 12 people who wish to visit Madagascar, Zimbabwe and the rest of Southern Africa to observe African wildlife and birds in their natural habitat. We offer a personal service to all clients which includes planning of tours, advice as to where to go and the reservations at lodges and land transport.
Bird Watching - Arizona Chapter - The Nature Conservancy -
Imagine wild Arizona centuries ago. When the contours of the lower deserts still carried flowing, shifting waters ...when tall grasses swayed like oceans across the state. When running hooves sounded a muffled roar and migrating flocks winged a dark cloud across the sky.
Bird Watching - Australia -
Australia is unlike any other place in that it is like so many other places. As one drives along the highway, one might think "Gee, this looks a lot like Kansas" and then see a kangaroo sitting right beside the road and then think "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." Drive a little further, and one will see a completely different habitat that looks like somewhere else. This is part of the magic of Australia, there's always something new around each bend of the road.
Bird Watching - Australia Rainforest Birds -
Bird Watching - Australia. "Rainforest Birds."
Bird Watching - Birding and Bird Watching in Nepal -
Nepal is a bird watcher's paradise with over 800 species (almost 10% of the world total) of birds. And among them, almost 600 are found in the Kathmandu Valley alone. The surrounding hills offer a varied ecology ranging from primary and secondary forests to rhododendron, oak and pine forests. In addition, the wetlands and open fields inside the Valley make up a diverse habitat for many species of birds.
Bird Watching - Birding in Taiwan -
Bird-watching Trip Reports. These are accounts I've written about my bird-watching trips outside of the U.S., most illustrated with photographs I took on the trips.
Bird Watching - Bluebirds - Watching and Feeding -
We thoroughly enjoy watching birds and of course everyone has a favorite ... guess what ours is. Living in NE Minnesota, we have a really short time to enjoy the bluebirds when/ if they do show up and only one chance for a nest. Its been years since I've seen one but I keep my hopes up, I know they are in the area. Visit their Links page for many helpful and informative Bluebird pages.
Bird Watching -
Courtesy of GORP.
Bird Watching - Canada -
Banff National Park of Canada Bird Watching Adventures site. Birding is a sport that everyone can enjoy. All you really need is a pair of binoculars and a good field guide to help you identify the different varieties of birds you will find protected in our park.
Bird Watching - Cape May
This is Cape May ...Cape May links page. This is a very helpful Cape May web site. Click on Exploring Nature.
Bird Watching - Clarendon -
Clarendon lies along the White River one mile south of the mouth of the Cache River, in the middle of the Delta farm lands of Arkansas. It is approximately halfway between Little Rock and Memphis and twenty miles south of 1-40. Clarendon has a vibrant history and is also the county seat of Monroe County. Because of our location, the Clarendon area is a paradise for sportsmen. The White River National Wildlife Refuge begins at Clarendon and continues south. The Cache River Refuge starts at Clarendon and extends north. These two refuges and rivers form some of the best hunting and fishing areas in the nation. Duck hunting and bird watching are just two of the outdoor activities this area is renowned for.
Bird Watching - Connecticut Birding -
Connecticut is home to plenty of American history and such uncommon species as Pied-billed Grebe, American Bittern, Yellow-crowned Night Heron, Blue winged Teal, and King Rail. You can learn all about these birds at the Connecticut Birding Web Site. There are links to pages on where to bird in Connecticut, a calendar of birding events, birding clubs, avian organizations and other assorted information relevant to birding in the Constitution State.
Bird Watching - Costa Rica -
Costa Rica is a bird watcher's paradise. There are abundant opportunities to see interesting birds around every bend in the road. The best way to see them is to rent a four-wheel drive vehicle and head out into the countryside. Let's go.
Bird Watching - Creston Valley -
Welcome to Creston British Columbia Canada, home of the Kokanee Brewery, Wildlife Center, and pristine Kootenay Lake.
Bird Watching - Creston Valley -
Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area. Creston B.C. Canada.
Bird Watching - Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area -
BC Rookies, Canada ....17,000 Acres of Internationally Acclaimed Wetland.
Bird Watching - Cuba -
If you are an American who is planning a trip to Cuba, you've just found the right travel agency. Click on Bird Watching.
Bird Watching - Desert Centre -
Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada. Tucked into the southernmost corner of British Columbians beautiful Okanagan Valley, this extraordinary habitat is home to one of North Americas most fragile and endangered ecosystems. The area hosts one of the largest concentrations of species at risk (over 100 rare plants and over 300 rare invertebrates) in Canada and is of international importance. The Desert Centre is an interpretive education and research facility offering insight into this sensitive ecosystem, its plants and animals. While on your holiday, golfing or wine touring in the Okanagan, we invite you to take a fascinating excursion along the elevated boardwalk and experience the intimate beauty of our special desert.
Bird Watching - Dubai Park Tours -
With nearly 400 species of birds observed in the emirates, Dubai attracts many birdwatchers. Customised Bird Watching tours visiting the popular parks - Creekside Park, Safa Park, Umm Suqueim Park featuring lush gardens, exotic plants and variety of amusements.
Bird Watching - South America -
South America is a bird watchers paradise. Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru boast some of the worlds best areas for spotting birds. Our local, naturalist guides will take you to their favorite spots.
Bird Watching - Guide to Bird Watching -
The birds of Borneo have been studied over the past 170 years. The aim of this checklist has been to draw together all the available information from past and present studies, focusing on Sarawak. This list is compiled from personal observations of the birds of Sarawak over the years 1994-96 together with data obtained from other observers and the available literature. Common and scientific names and the taxonomy used follow those of Sibley and Monroe (1990) and (1993). This publication is designed to be used with a field guide for species identification, and suggested titles are given below under ' Field Guides'.
Bird Watching - Hong Kong -
Hong Kong Bird Watching Society. Chinese and English versions.
Bird Watching - Iceland -
One of the great advantages of coming to Iceland for an outdoor activity vacation is that there is an awful lot of space in which to do things, but not many other people to share it with. Most of the 240,000 population lives in Reykjavik, the capital city, with the rest scattered around the coastal margins and valleys in small fishing villages or farming communities. The interior is mostly uninhabited.
Bird Watching - Iceland -
Iceland has sometimes been called a bird watchers paradise. This activity has the advantage that it cost nothing once you reach a suitable spot. Large colonies and breeding grounds are found in various places throughout the country. Lake Mŗvatn, Látrabjarg in the West Fjords and the Snĺfellsnes peninsula in the west are among the best places for bird watching in Iceland, while closer to Reykjavík, visits to the Reykjanes peninsula and the Westman Islands are always rewarding. For information about special bird tours with expert guides contact the tourist information offices.
Bird Watching - Indiana Dunes and National Lakeshore -
Because the Indiana dunes has so many diverse habitats, the opportunity to view a great variety of birds nesting here are numerous. During the spring and fall migration, the enormous size of Lake Michigan has a funneling effect on the path the birds must take. Which, again gives the birder a rare opportunity to view many species not normally seen together. With the help of local experts like Mr. Kenneth J. Brock, local photographers and the naturalists at the Indiana Dunes State park, I hope this site will someday provide an accurate impression of what the area has to offer the birder.
Bird Watching - Info Hub -
Welcome to world's largest source for unique adventure, art, learning, and sport vacations. Your Bird Watching General Information is here.
Bird Watching - Inn at Chachalaca Bend -
Los Fresnos, Texas - Over 40 acres of natural landscaping and the chance to view hundreds of species of birds await you at our unique bed and breakfast inn.
Bird Watching - Introduction to Bird Watching -
According to a recent U.S. Fish and Wildlife survey, 76 million Americans currently enjoy the sport of watching birds. It‚s easy to understand why. Birds are colorful, interesting to watch or listen to and relatively easy to attract to our backyard. Courtesy of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.
Bird Watching - Kenmare, North Dakota -
Traveling around the Trade Corridor. Goose Capital of North Dakota.
Bird Watching - Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge -
North Idaho. Bonner's Ferry. Our office is located in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. The refuge manager and staff are responsible for managing the 2,774 acre Kootenai Refuge, located in the northern panhandle of Idaho. The refuge serves as a resting and feeding area for migratory bird.
Bird Watching - Lake Kitandara Tours & Travel Uganda -
We lead you through the Uganda National Parks where you are able to watch and record over 296 Bird-species a day. Uganda has over 1000 Bird-species.
Bird Watching - LARC Worldwide -
LARC offers birding, wildlife and nature tours in all the countries that we represent. We can tailor a tour to fit your individual or group interests, tastes, finances and limitations.
Bird Watching - Les Cheneaux Islands -
Cedarville / Hessel, Michigan. Bird Watching news.
Bird Watching - Minnesota Birding Network -
Many helpful and informative pages.
Bird Watching - Minot, North Dakota -
Minot Convention & Visitors Bureau. Discovery the Magic City. Minot is for the birds and birdwatchers.
Bird Watching - New Orleans Area -
Rich swamp woodland can be explored along 9 miles [14.5 kilometers] of trails in the Barataria Preserve Unit of Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve just south of New Orleans. Stop at the visitor center on Louisiana 45 (Barataria Boulevard) to gather maps and information, then head north 1 mile [1.6 kilometers] to the Bayou Coquille Trail, a short, handicapped-accessible, paved-and-boardwalk path that passes through several ecological zones on its way from live-oak forest through bald-cypress-tupelo swamp to marsh.
Bird Watching - New Zealand - Nature Quest Peninsula Nature Tours -
Dunedin. Nature Quest New Zealand Ltd. is celebrating. We are entering our second decade in natural history and educational travel - in designing and guiding birding, botanical, general nature, and educational study programmes in New Zealand for individuals, groups, colleges, societies, universities and special interest operators.
Bird Watching - New Zealand - Otago Peninsula Wildlife Tours -
Down under in the South Pacific's scenic New Zealand, the Otago Peninsula frames Dunedin's harbour, providing a spectacular setting for unique historical and natural features.
Bird Watching - Northern Arizona Audubon Society -
To promote the understanding and appreciation of birds and to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife, for the benefit of humanity and earth's biological diversity.
Bird Watching - Oconee Forest Park Virtual Bird Watching -
.........begin the virtual bird watching game.
Bird Watching - Olympic Peninsula -
Washington. The North Olympic Peninsula offers exceptional bird watching year round. Our mild winter supports large numbers of ocean birds, including waterfowl. Spring and fall are migration times and offer great diversity in species. Summer residents are numerous and varied due to the diversity of habitat - from rain forest to tidelands.
Bird Watching - Open Air Expeditions -
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico. Click on Bird Watching.
Bird Watching - Pacific Northwest -
Birds and bird watching in the Pacific Northwest: Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho. Birder and birding guide.
Bird Watching - Packwood -
Packwood is the heart of Volcano Country, located centrally between Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Adams, state of Washington. This is the perfect location for relaxation. We are the perfect destination for hiking, hunting, fishing, bird watching, skiing, snowmobiling, wildlife watching and camping.
Bird Watching - Portugal -
A blend of guided bird watching throughout southern Portugal with a centralised location in a sparsely populated region of unique beauty. Your stay in this friendly country is hosted at Quinta do Barranco da Estrada, a small family-run hotel in a stunning lake side location.
Bird Watching - Prairie Waters -
The five county Prairie Waters Region is located 120 miles west of Minneapolis, at the headwaters of the Minnesota River. This agricultural area is known for its natural resource attractions and colorful history. A combination of refuges, public management areas, a state park and private lands along the Minnesota River form one of the largest intact river ecosystems in the United States. The 62,000 acres of managed wetland, woodland and virgin prairie provide an excellent environment for wildlife and native vegetation.
Bird Watching - Prescott Audubon Society -
The mission of Prescott Audubon Society is to preserve and protect our environment for all who inhabit it. The society pursues these goals through education, field work, social activities, and activism.
Bird Watching - Puerto Vallarta -
Discover Pacific Tours. Puerto Vallarta. Whale watching : Dolphin Watching : Bird Watching.
Bird Watching - Quivira National Wildlife Refuge -
Stafford, Kansas. Click on Wildlife Viewing and Bird Watching .
Bird Watching - Rocking Horse Ranch -
Wyoming Bird Watching Ranch Vacation. Birders help us to identify all the birds that visit Rocking Horse Ranch.
Bird Watching - Rossland -
Canada. Kootenay's. Rossland. Here you will find information on everything from the great outdoors, including world class skiing and mountain biking, to commercial business information and municipal events. You can even make your own reservations on-line by going to the accommodations section. We hope you'll come and experience Rossland's hospitality and learn more about Canada's best kept secret.
Bird Watching - Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge -
Click on: Animal & Wildlife / Scroll down to Bird Watching at the Salton Sea. One of the best areas for bird watching in Southern California is the Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). The Refuge was established in 1930 by Presidential Proclamation. Originally, the refuge consisted of approximately 35,000 acres. Now, because of flooding by the Salton Sea, only about 2,200 manageable acres remain. Dikes are expected to keep the sea from further expansion on the refuge.
Bird Watching - San Pedro, Belize - Birds of Ambergris Caye -
Welcome to the Birds of Ambergris Caye. Many of these articles are from a weekly column in The San Pedro Sun. Elbert and his friend Bubba have been long-tme watchers of the birds and humans on Ambergris Caye, and their insights are often both rewarding and amusing.
Bird Watching - Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory -
A non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the birds of southeastern Arizona, their habitats and the diversity of species that share those habitats through research, monitoring and public education.
Bird Watching - Sullys Hill National Game Preserve -
North Dakota. Located near Devils Lake, Sullys Hill National Game Preserve is home to richly forested hills, wetlands, and prairie grasslands. Due to this varied habitat Sullys Hill is also home to over 250 species of migratory birds and waterfowl. The refuge consists of 1,674 acres of varied habitat and maintains a big game unit, which is home to American Plains Bison, Rocky Mountain Elk, Whitetail Deer, Wild Turkey, Prairie Dogs, and many other wildlife species.
Bird Watching - Thailand -
I've dreamt about seeing rare birds in Thailand, but I had no idea that it would be so easy.
Bird Watching - Tourism Lewis County -
Washington State. The Mountains, The Trees, The Greenery Renew your sense of community in Volcano Country. Select your favorite activity and go to Quick Links. In a state renowned for its parks and wilderness areas, Southwest Washington's Lewis County boasts some of the best and most varied outdoor opportunities for camping, fishing, hiking, and family fun. Lewis County's pastoral setting ranges from gently rolling prairies and river valleys in the west to the rugged Cascade Mountains in the east for skiing, mountain climbing, hunting, horseback riding, and wildlife watching.
Bird Watching - Trail Wise Guides -
Vail, Colorado. We love birds and we love to watch them. Eagle County, where we take our tours, is blessed with a wide variety of avian habitats from the Alpine Tundra and Krummholz of the high peaks, to the Sagebrush Shrublands, and Pinon-Juniper Woodlands along the Colorado River Valley. That makes for great birding for both expert and beginner alike, with birds like the Goshawk, White-tailed Ptarmigan, Rosy Finch, Clark's Nutcracker, and Band-tailed Pigeon to please the "life lister" and plenty of different birds to initiate the first time birder.
Bird Watching - Trivia Game for Bird Watchers -
As you might have suspected, this game is all about the wild birds of North America. Topics covered in the game include such things as habitat, field marks, mannerisms, and diet.
Bird Watching - Tucson Audubon Society -
Tucson Audubon Society is dedicated to improving the quality of the environment by providing education, conservation, and recreation programs, as well as environmental leadership and information.
Bird Watching - Victor Emanuel Nature Tours -
Victor Emanuel Nature Tours is the world's largest company specializing in Bird Watching tours. In operation for many years, "VENT" offers nearly 140 birding and natural history adventures each year to over 100 destinations worldwide. We continually endeavor to be a catalyst in the fields of ornithology and ecotourism.
Bird Watching - Victoria & Vancouver Island B.C.
Over 380 different species have been recorded in this region with average yearly totals in Victoria of over 240 species. Visiting birders are likely to record up to 150 species in a three week period. The best months are during the Spring and Fall Migrations though most species can be found here year round. Habitat diversity includes High Alpine to Tidal Mud Flats, Dense Old Growth Rain Forest to Open Ocean and everything in between. The variety and diversity of habitat offers an exciting birding tour for any birder.
Bird Watching - Whidbey - Langley - Lone Lake Cottages & Breakfast -
Washington State. We have it all ...the best the world has to offer. Your cottage will give you complete privacy for a relaxing or romantic interlude. A total escape. There are unobstructed views of several farm estates and forested hills surrounding Lone Lake's shoreline. A boat or canoe ride is almost sure to provide the thrill of seeing dear, Blue Heron, Bald Eagles, otters and an abundance of wild ducks and geese. You are welcome to visit our large outdoor aviary's which are home to over 200 unique and colorful birds, native duck and swans, many nesting. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and waterfalls. Trout fishing is excellent, it's Open all year. Come and enjoy.
Bird Watching - White Mountain Audubon Society -
Serving National Audubon Society and Bird Watching enthusiasts in east-central Arizona since 1987. White Mountain Audubon Society is dedicated to the enjoyment of birds and other wildlife by providing environmental leadership and awareness through fellowship, education, community involvement, and conservation programs in the White Mountains and surrounding areas.
Bird Watching - Wings -
Please note that there are a series of links at the very bottom of each tour description accessing, in most cases, a recent bird list and narrative, and in a growing number of cases, a collection of trip images. The tours we offer are in a sense labors of love, the brainchildren of our leaders who have typically spent months and in many cases years in their favorite regions. The itineraries represent their sense of the best places to take groups watching birds, filtered through the pragmatic screen of our local ground agents and the WINGS office. The results, we believe, are tours which are full of birds, educational, safe and great fun.
Birder -
You love wild birds and Bird Watching and we are happy you found us. Birding is the most extensive section of this site. You will find checklists which span the globe, birding Hot Spots, and rare bird alert phone numbers. In the Backyard Birders section you can also find information on seeds to attract birds, building bird houses, and links to home pages of other bird watchers. Many great links.
Bird Source -
.....Birding with a Purpose. Report and track the birds online ... any place, any time !
Books on Bird Watching -
Feather your nest with bird-watching books.
Celestron -
Telescopes - Binoculars - Spotting Scopes Accessories and more !
Eco Tours of Oregon -
Sightseeing and Nature Day Tours of Oregon and SW Washington for Individuals, Small Groups and Conventions. Tours include door-to door transportation from Portland Oregon USA metro area.
Greers Ferry Chamber of Commerce -
We extend an enthusiastic invitation to you, your family, and friends to plan a visit to one of the most beautiful and picturesque vacation areas in Arkansas called the "Heart of Greers Ferry Lake." Beginning in early spring, the countryside is alive with wild flowers, redbud and dogwood trees in full bloom, and a vast variety of birds ranging from bluebirds to eagles. October brings the "Flaming Fall Revue," when the hillsides are afire with changing foliage. A trip to our area is a must for the camera "bug" or "nature lover." Year-round fishing and the availability to all water sports makes Greers Ferry a vacation wonderland and a great place to live. Many with homes elsewhere are discovering the pleasures and comforts of a "winter stay" in Greers Ferry.
My Favorite Links -
Birds -- Butterflies & Beetles -- Whales & Dolphins -- Fish & Aquarium -- Environmental Protection -- TAS Sites -- Ecology House Sites.
Patagonia -
Patagonia. Environmentally conscious designers of technical outdoor clothing for skiing, climbing, snowboarding, paddling, biking, fly-fishing, running and travel ....committed to the core.
Ranger 146 -
My life as a seasonal Wildlife Biologist. Links, Links Links and more Links. Wildlife Biology -- Botany and Wetlands - Biological Equipment & Software -- Parks and Recreation -- Forestry -- Aquatic Entomology -- Oceans, watersheds, lakes and rivers -- Natural Resources Jobs -- Canadian Natural Resource Jobs -- Worldwide Natural Resource Jobs -- Fisheries Jobs - Entomology Jobs -- Forestry Jobs -- Civil Engineering and Consulting Jobs -- Bird Links.
Recreation -
Recreational opportunities on federal lands. This is your one-stop source for information about recreation on federal lands.
Seattle Audubon Society -
Seattle Audubon Society protects birds and the natural environment by involving volunteers and the community in education, advocation, advocacy, preservation, science and enjoyment.
U.S. Geological Survey -
Created by an act of Congress in 1879, the USGS has evolved over the ensuing 120 years, matching its talent and knowledge to the progress of science and technology. Today, the USGS stands as the sole science agency for the Department of the Interior. It is sought out by thousands of partners and customers for its natural science expertise and its vast earth and biological data holdings. The USGS is the science provider of choice in accessing the information and understanding to help resolve complex natural resource problems across the Nation and around the world.
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife -
Sound Stewardship of Washington's Fish and Wildlife.

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